New appeal for help to find a Costa del Sol bar owner missing since 1993

Bernadette (real name Susan) Cooper.
Bernadette (real name Susan) Cooper. / SUR
  • Bernadette Cooper ran an Irish pub called Molly Malone's in Benalmádena that was popular with the British but she disappeared without trace

Bernadette Cooper ran an Irish pub called Molly Malone's that was very popular with the British population in Benalmádena in the nineties. But, in 1993, she closed the business and planned to hop on a plane from Malaga to fly to London, where she hoped to raise enough money to pay off some debts - but she never showed up.

Now, her nephew, Leon Moore, has contacted the Missing People charity and experts at Locate International, who have been in charge of reviving the search, for which theyask Costa del Sol residents for any information that may help locate Bernadette - either relative to the premises she ran, her relationships or anything else they might know.

In June 2020, the Surrey Constabulary police began a new investigation following the evidence provided by the nephew, who maintains that Cooper had some kind of link with a criminal organisation based on the Costa del Sol.

Apparently, the woman’s real name is Susan, but she always used to known as Bernadette, so the initial investigation was wrong-footed from the start.

According to Cooper's family, she came to the Costa del Sol in the eighties, in search of a new life in the sun. However, a series of debts parted her from her life project, a business to which she never returned.