Junta's head warns of the consequences of lifting the current state of alarm in May

Juanma Moreno speaking in Cadiz.
Juanma Moreno speaking in Cadiz. / SUR
  • The regional president said, 'We will lose powerful tools that can help stop the spread of the disease'

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has spoken this Wednesday, 7 April, about the intention of the Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez to lift the current state of alarm on 9 May.

During an appearance in Cadiz, the regional leader said, "We will lose powerful tools in the form of the curfew and mobility limitations that can help stop the spread of the disease."

Moreno warned about the consequences of taking such a step. "I think we are going to run out of adequate instruments if there is another spike," he said.

The Junta’s head added, "I think it was a hasty decision, not mature enough and not in dialogue with the regions."

“When all the weight of the fight against the pandemic falls on the regions, it seems sensible and reasonable that the Government of Spain at least make them partners to the decision."

He acknowledged that he has been "surprised" that they were not previously informed and regretted that, for several months, they have not had "any conferences of the regional presidents".

"I believe that the pandemic and the economic crisis is reason enough for Pedro Sánchez to have summoned us and we could talk and debate about how we get out of the health crisis, how the rate of vaccination is going or how European funds are going," Moreno said.

The introduction of the state of alarm last autumn allowed the regions to impose curfews and mobility restrictions without challenges in the courts, something that happened between last summer and until 25 October.

From 9 May, the regions will once again be in charge of the measures they implement, but legal experts fear a similar situation to that prior to 25 October.