Costa taxi driver attacked after refusing passengers with drinks

File photograph.
File photograph. / SUR
  • National Police officers arrested two men in connection with the incident and for racially abusing the driver

Two young men have been arrested by police in Malaga after they allegedly beat up a taxi driver when he told them they couldn’t get into his vehicle carrying drinks.

The pair told the Nigerian driver, who has Spanish nationality, “You are going to take us - with drinks or without drinks - or we will kill you,” while littering the threat with racial insults.

The words turned into a physical attack and the driver suffered kicks and punches all over his body and an ear injury.

Several people who witnessed the attack called the police who arrived on the scene and arrested the alleged assailants.

The incident happened last Saturday night (3 April) at about 11.42pm and the pair even hit the driver with a chair while shouting at him: "We're going to kill you."

The taxi driver was taken by a colleague to a health centre where an ambulance arrived a few minutes later and transferred him to the Clínico Hospital, where he was treated but without having to be admitted.