Police receive 100 complaints about a Covid rule-flouting party at a holiday apartment

Local Police officers. File photograph.
Local Police officers. File photograph. / SUR
  • The all-night party attended by 24 young people in Malaga was finally broken up after several visits from the police

Police finally broke up a Covid rule-flouting all-night party at a holiday apartment in Malaga after they received almost a hundred complaints from neighbours.

But it took several visits from Local Police officers before the party was finally over for the 24 young people who were reported for flouting the Junta de Andalucía’s coronavirus control measures.

The first call to the police from the neighbours was recorded at 2.12am on 13 March due to the loud noise from the apartment. Several patrols went to the building and repeatedly knocked on the door, identifying themselves as police, but no-one opened the door.

The next visit by officers was at around 4.30am after more calls from neighbours. Again, they knocked on the door, but couldn’t gain access.

Then the Local Police organised an operation involving plainclothes personnel who took the details of all those who left the apartment for fresh air or to smoke.

Officers reported 24 people for not respecting the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and disturbing the neighbourhood and they were told to end the party.

The police left, believing that everything would end there. However, the 092 control room received more calls at 7am in the morning because of the continued loud music.

More plainclothes officers were sent to identify the party-goers who were still present and, to their amazement, found that only one had left.

The rest - 23 - had decided to continue with the party and all of them were reported for a second time. In addition, 22 reports were filed for alleged disobedience offences.