Malaga brotherhood frees three prisoners in Holy Week tradition

File photograph of a released prisoner in a previous El Rico procession in Malaga.
File photograph of a released prisoner in a previous El Rico procession in Malaga. / SUR
  • One prisoner is normally released during the El Rico procession in Holy Week; this year three inmates will gain their freedom at a ceremony in the cathedral on Wednesday

Two people jailed forpublic health offences and one for robbery with force from an occupied house are to be freed by the Jesús El Rico brotherhood on Wednesday of Holy Week.

This will be a historic occasion because it is the first time in the 270 years of this tradition that three prisoners will be freed under the privilege granted to the religious brotherhood by King Carlos III in the 18th century, instead of one.

One of them, Manuel C. L., was sentenced by the Malaga Provincial Court on 27 May 2019 for drug trafficking. He was given three years and three months in prison and fined 25,000 euros for crimes commited in 2018.

On 11 July 2017, the court sentenced Antonia L.R. for a public health offence. She was sent to prison for four years and fined 1,000 euros, for crimes committed in 2015. Now, she is to be freed.

The third prisoner to be released is Jorge M.R., who was sentenced on 3 October 2018 to two years and three months in jail for robbery with force in an occupied house, a crime he committed in 2018.

In these three cases, the reports of the court and the prosecuting authority were taken into account, and it was considered that there were "reasons of justice and equity" to grant them a pardon.

This is on condition that they do not re-offend, for three years in the case of Jorge M.R., and four years for the other two.

The prisoners are normally released in a ceremony that forms part of the brotherhood's procession. This year, with all processions cancelled, the event will take place in the city's cathedral.