Coín town hall denies Covid jab queue-jumping claims from a police union

The Malaga town of Coín. File photograph.
The Malaga town of Coín. File photograph. / SUR
  • The Independent Union of Andalusian Police has claimed that council officials in the town have received their jabs ahead of the group of essential workers - including police - that it represents

A union representing police officers has claimed that council staff at Coín town hall have received their coronavirus jabs ahead of essential workers- a group that includes its members.

The Independent Union of Andalusian Police (Sip-An) has made the claim in a complaint filed before the Public Prosecutor's Office in Malaga.

The complaint says that officials in Coín have been vaccinated against Covid-19 without following the established procedure and complained that the vaccination had been "arbitrary, without prioritising the people established in the population groups."

The council denies the claim saying that at all times "the protocols have been followed."

A town hall spokesperson told SUR, "At Coín council we regret the loss of prestige this union wants to cause for the great work that health professionals are doing."

In the complaint, the union refers to several instances in which they claim town hall staff were receiving a coronavirus vaccination before the Local Police and other ‘essential workers’ including teaching staff and firefighters.

The police officers’ union points to technical and administrative staff at the council who work behind closed doors or remotely and who were called to be vaccinated.

However, the council spokesperson says that at no time has it provided the health centre with the data of any personnel who are not part of the official vaccination strategy.

Similarly, the council denies that either the mayor or any member of the local governing team have been vaccinated.

The police union has asked the Public Prosecutor's Office to open an investigation.

The complaint was made on 12 March, although it has only come to light now. Since then the police officers and almost all the staff have now been vaccinated.