Police reinforcements called in to eject 100 people from a Covid rule-flouting party

The premises where the party took place.
The premises where the party took place. / SUR
  • The guests were found inside a Malaga warehouse not wearing masks or respecting social distancing measures

A police patrol had to call in reinforcements when they found more 100 people partying and breaking coronavirus containment measures in an industrial unit in Malaga city.

The Local Police and National Police combined forces to eject 104 people from the warehouse on the El Viso industrial estate after a patrol initially heard loud music and saw four people leaving the premises, showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

When the officers knocked on the door to inspect the premises the music ceased almost immediately, a man opened the door who said that he had rented the place and that all the people inside were family.

Police found that coronavirus control measures were being flouted and the maximum capacity of the venue was being breached.

Local and National Police officers have reported 104 people for failing to comply with the anti-Covid measures, as well as the organiser of the event and the person who leased out the warehouse.

SUR sources indicate this is not the first police raid on the premises. Just a few days before the latest incident, officers from the Malaga Local Police force learned that a party had been organised using social media. Inside, they found more than 30 people, a dozen of them without a mask.

Apparently, there were also two people who had crossed provincial borders to attend and broke the Junta de Andalucía’s mobility lockdown controls.