Special attention to the islands causes indignation on the Costa del Sol

The aid will help companies in 100 badly-hit sectors.
The aid will help companies in 100 badly-hit sectors. / Salvador Salas
  • The Canaries and Balearics have seen a major drop in GDP due to their reliance on tourism, but so has Malaga province

It is not the first time in this health crisis that the government has shown favouritism towards the islands, but the decision to allocate companies there two billion euros of the seven billion total has caused ructions on the Costa del Sol, which is equally as dependent on tourism and has also suffered badly.

In addition, Minister of the Economy Nadia Calviño, said that in the Canary and Balearic islands, self-employed people who pay under the module system will be able to receive more than those on the mainland, as long as the amount is within the limits for State assistance set by Brussels.

The indignation in Andalucía, and especially the Costa del Sol, is because Malaga province has suffered the greatest drop in GDP on the Peninsula, 17%, and its economy depends 80% on tourism. The three most popular tourist destinations in Spain are the Canaries, the Balearics and Andalucía. Francisco Salado, the head of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, says the government's decision is an insult to the area and tourism in general.

GDP in the Balearics has dropped by 27%, in Las Palmas 21% and Santa Cruz de Tenerife by 19%. Salado wants to know how the limit was set because the Costa del Sol comes very close but has been excluded. He accuses the government of not being interested in or believing in tourism and says the situation is disgraceful.