Animal charity to take awareness campaign to schools in Álora

The Escencia Animal Álora second-hand shop needs donations. sur
The Escencia Animal Álora second-hand shop needs donations. sur
  • The volunteer-run association hopes the initiative will instigate a vast improvement in animal respect and welfare

An Álora-based animal charity has come up with an initiative to educate youngsters about the responsibility of caring for pets in an attempt to address the increasing problem of stray cats and dogs in the town.

Founded in July 2020 by animal lover Kamar Goddard, Esencia Animal Álora is a volunteer-run charity that works in conjunction with the town hall. The charity plans to organise a series of awareness campaigns that focus on topics like sterilisation, the effects of abandonment, adoption and parental responsibility.

The initiative, which is scheduled to take place later this year, will be taken to all schools in Álora with the aim of educating the younger generation about the responsibilities involved with looking after their pets.

The town hall is also funding the organisation's sterilisation project and has provided locations and materials to construct ten plastic huts around the town to offer stray cats shelter.

"There is a big problem with abandoned animals in the town, so therefore it seemed necessary to start a new association working with the town hall. We are hoping that with a strong emphasis on education, we can change the mindset and see a real improvement in animal respect and welfare," Kamar explained to SUR in English.

The organisation, which consists of Spanish, French, Tanzanian, German and British volunteers, has a second-hand shop in Álora, for which it is appealing for volunteers and donations. It also needs people who have experience caring for animals that can provide a short-term foster home while awaiting adoption.

"We are not a rescue centre that has space for many animals and we rely totally of foster volunteers. Each volunteer will be assessed to ensure they fully understand the commitment needed to take on animals," Kamar said.