Torremolinos is seeing a steady increase in its foreign-resident community

Torremolinos is a town with enormous cultural richness.
Torremolinos is a town with enormous cultural richness. / T. Bryant
  • In five years the number of nationalities on the municipal census has increased from 114 to 127

Torremolinos has become one of the towns on the Costa del Sol with the most nationalities among its inhabitants.

The municipal 'padrón' census shows that since 2015, the resort has steadlily increased its number of residents from 67,585, of 114 different nationalities, to 70,562 of 127 nationalities. Around 80 per cent are Spanish, while the remainder are from Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. The countries with the biggest communities are Morocco (1,864), UK (1,718) and Italy (1,237).

The town hall claims that the data reinforces the idea that Torremolinos is a town "open to the world" and one that represents an "enormous cultural richness based on coexistence".

Mayor José Ortiz said, "Torremolinos is a town of tolerance, respect and diversity."