Andalucía starts Covid-19 jabs for the over 80s not living in care homes

One of the people over 80 years of age being vaccinated in Ronda.
One of the people over 80 years of age being vaccinated in Ronda. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • Doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be injected to the next vaccination group in health centres or points authorised to carry out the inoculations

The Junta de Andalucía has started the vaccination campaign against the Covid coronavirus for people over 80 years old who do not live in care homes and who can travel to vaccination centres.

In Malaga province, it began in Ronda on Thursday (11 February) where 300 people were summoned for their first jab.

This vaccination group will receive either the Pfizer or Moderna formulas, since the AstraZeneca vaccine will only be administered to people between the ages of 18 and 55.

The elderly will be notified of the place, date and time of their appointment by telephone, health sources told SUR. They will be summoned in order of age (from oldest to youngest) by the Andalusian Health Service (SAS).

The vaccination points for this group have been carefully chosen taking into account accessibility and being able to adapt the venues so that they are comfortable for the elderly and allow health workers to monitor them for any adverse reactions for 15 minutes after receiving the jab.

Health sources also said that in many cases vaccinations will also be carried out in the local medical centre assigned to the patient.

"We have enough capacity to vaccinate 100 elderly people per day in each health centre," said a primary care source.

Home help

In Andalucía there are just over 400,000 people over 80 years old but from this figure we must subtract the people who live in a care home and who have already been inoculated against SARS-CoV-2.

The Junta has also started to vaccinate home help workers who will get the AstraZeneca vaccine if they are under 55 years old. If they are over 55 years of age or suffer from serious pathologies, they will be given the Pfizer forrmula. In total, there are about 35,000 people in this group.

What has not yet been decided is the date when the elderly who are disabled and who cannot travel will begin. They will need to be vaccinated at home. Experts are studying how to do it without wasting any dose, since both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, due to their characteristics, require special storage and preparation. Six doses are obtained from each vial of Pfizer and 11 from Moderna.

Until Wednesday (10 February), 416,039 doses of vaccines had been administered in Andalucía. There were 79,447 people who had received the first injection and 168,296 who had already received the two jabs. Pfizer doses are injected 21 days apart, and 28 days for the Moderna vaccine. For the AstraZeneca vaccine, the second injection should be given four to 12 weeks after the first.