A young woman is seriously injured after 'out of control' car smash and fire


Emergency services at the scene. / SUR

  • The shocking traffic accident, which led to a large blaze, happened in Malaga city

Police are investigating the cause of an ‘out of control’ car crash in Malaga city that has left one young woman seriously injured in an intensive care unit. Initial investigations point to a brake failure.

The dramatic events unfolded at about 6.45pm on Thursday (4 February) when a Guardia Civil traffic patrol spotted smoke coming from the underside of a BMW. The police signalled the driver to stop but he carried on and ended up crashing into a roundabout on Avenida Jane Bowles.


The roundabout's kerb catapulted the car into the air and it landed on another vehicle that was stopped on the roundabout, just as a young woman was getting out.

A fire broke out which both the Guardia Civil and some people who were in the area tried to put out.

The 22-year-old woman, who was trapped under one of the cars, suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the intensive care unit of Malaga's Regional Hospital. Two other people were taken to hospital but have already been discharged.

Sources have confirmed to SUR that the driver of the BMW - a 57-year-old Spaniard - tested positive for alcohol in a breathalyser test.