Álora's bars and restaurants choose not to reopen - although the Covid data allows it

The Malaga province town of Álora. File photograph.
The Malaga province town of Álora. File photograph. / SUR
  • After 14 days of complete closure of all non-essential activity Álora leaves the maximum alert level but hospitality businesses say they want to act 'responsibly'

Bars and restaurants in Álora will not reopen their doors this Saturday (6 February) despite the town's coronavirus infection rate data allowing it.

This was explained in a statement, in which the town's hospitality business owners said they will start their activity "gradually", depending on the decrease in cases in the coming days.

Several establishments will, from Saturday, offer "minimum services" to serve essential workers.

After 14 days of the complete closure of all non-essential activity forced by exceeding the rate of 1,000 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the municipality is included among the towns that leave the maximum alert risk, with a drop in the rate to just over 900 cases.

The mayor, Francisco Martínez, thanked all the hospitality businesses for their co-operation. "It seems to me an initiative worthy of admiration and an example of responsibility so that together we can get out of this situation."

Although most businesses will reopen on a staggered basis in the coming weeks if the infection numbers continue to decline, the hospitality sector said that several establishments will resume their business on Saturday to serve key workers.

"We understand that as a service sector we must make a great effort to serve workers from essential sectors who come to our town such as transport companies, delivery men, doctors etc.", they said.

They added it is an exercise "of responsibility and solidarity with the health situation in the town" and they asked the public to comply with the measures.

"We will make a great effort to provide a service in this complicated situation, so we ask our customers to respect the rules. The hospitality industry is united more than ever and we take a step forward together, it is our way of helping."