Squatters find a mummified corpse in a Campanillas house

National Police are investigating the case.
National Police are investigating the case. / SUR
  • The couple - looking for a roof over their heads - made the macabre discovery after forcing the door open

A couple of squatters made a macabre discovery in Campanillas (Malaga) when they forced open the door of a house in the Maqueda area and found the corpse of an old man, practically mummified.

Events unfolded at around 9pm on Thursday (4 February) when the National Police received a call alerting to the discovery of a body in a country house next to the Valdeurraca road.

A the scene police officers found a couple who explained that they had made the call to 091.

The squatters told the police that they had gone to the house and had the intention of settling in it because they did not have a roof to live under.

Apparently, they forced the door to gain entry and, when they went through the rooms, they discovered the corpse of the old man lying on a bed.

The body was in an advanced state of decomposition and was practically mummified, suggesting that the death happened some weeks ago. The 80-year-old deceased had no external signs of violence, according to the sources consulted by SUR.

Everything indicates that it was the inhabitant of the house and he died alone and of natural causes, although other theories are not ruled out until the autopsy has been performed.