The money raised can fund a full Cudeca home care team for an entire year.
Sunflower effect campaign pays off for Cudeca

Sunflower effect campaign pays off for Cudeca

The foundation, which cares for cancer patients in Malaga province, has managed to raise slightly more than the money it needed to finance a home care team for another year


Friday, 5 February 2021, 11:41

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The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the finances and the services provided by many health care organisations and this has led to some, like the Cudeca Foundation, having to find other ways of raising money. In Cudeca's case, it needed funds to guarantee the care it provides for terminally ill patients in Malaga province.

With its charity shops closed or open much less often than usual, and practically no fundraising events able to take place, the foundation launched a virtual crowdfunding campaign in November so that it would be able to continue to provide care for cancer patients in their own homes for a further year.

The Cudeca Foundation can now breathe a little more easily, because that 'Join the sunflower effect' campaign which closed on 31 January raised slightly more than the 185,000 euros needed to finance a full home assistance team of a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist and a social worker for a year.

This team, all of whom specialise in palliative care, will attend to an average of 250 patients a year in their homes, making an average of three to four visits a day, and will provide the medical care and psychological and social support needed by the patients and their families.

The total amount raised by this crowdfunding campaign was 186,647 euros, and it benefited from the assistance and generosity of several administrations and institutions, including Fundación La Caixa, which contributed 30,000 euros as soon as the campaign was under way and became the principal collaborator.

Well-known names such as Pablo Alborán, Pablo López, Rozalén, Carlos Álvarez and actor Miguel Ángel Martín (of Tú no mandas fame) also played a part, setting to work on social media and posting messages urging their followers to contribute something to the cause, no matter how little it might be.

Someone else who joined the campaign was Rosa Martínez, whose son Pablo Ráez was assisted by Cudeca in the final stage of his fight against leukaemia. During the fundraising effort, Rosa left an inspiring, heartfelt message encouraging people to help the organisation continue its valuable work, describing the Cudeca staff as being "pure love and dedication".

With this first target met, the Cudeca Foundation has announced that it will continue to work on future campaigns to expand its services. "This year, despite the pandemic, we have managed to look after and accompany 1,600 people at the end of their life. We never want to go through again what we have gone through with this coronavirus crisis; many people have died alone and without palliative care. We all deserve to be cared for and accompanied until the end of our life". And for that, says Cudeca, everybody's collaboration is needed.

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