Local animal charities devastated by aftermath of storm Filomina

ACE workers with some of the rescued dogs after last week's storms.
ACE workers with some of the rescued dogs after last week's storms. / SUR
  • Appeals have been put out by organisations requesting help with clean-up operations and for donations of food, medication and blankets

Storm Filomina played havoc on the Costa del Sol over the weekend and, along with damage and human casualties, many of the area's animal charities were severely affected. Urgent appeals were put out by local organisations requesting help with clean-up operations of premises badly damaged by torrential rain and gale-force winds. There were also appeals for blankets, medication, food, mops and brooms.

Spanish equine association SEARCH was one of the organisations that suffered from flooding. The Coín-based rescue centre's roof was badly damaged, causing severe leaks, while essential deliveries of hay could not be delivered because of mud slides.

The ACE dog shelter in Mijas was badly affected when a nearby river burst its banks. Thankfully, more than 400 dogs and over 100 cats currently in the charity's care were saved due to the swift action of the volunteers. Unfortunately, two of the dogs died the following day and many of the animals are, in the words of founder Fabienne Paques, "critically ill with lung infections".

Volunteers needed

Protectora de Animales Domésticos (PAD) is calling for volunteers to help with the clean-up of the shelter in Mijas, which was also badly damaged by the rain. A spokesperson said that they need around 20 people to help with getting the shelter back in operation.

The Last Chance dog shelter, also in Mijas, was preparing to evacuate animals due to severe flooding, but quick-thinking volunteers managed to pump the water out before the kennels became totally submerged. The charity is now appealing for tinned food and blankets.

"The rain has had a massive impact and we nearly had to remove the dogs from the shelter," founder Jacqui Ross said.

Information about how to help can be found on the charities' Facebook pages.