Man shot dead in Benahavís had more than 20 gunshot wounds

AK-47 submachine gun, also known as a Kalashnikov. File photograph.
AK-47 submachine gun, also known as a Kalashnikov. File photograph. / SUR
  • The victim was 37 years old and of French nationality. The attackers' car and a submachine gun were recovered by police in Estepona

Investigations into the shooting of a man at a luxury development in Benahavís on Sunday are pointing towards it being a settling of scores murder.

The victim, a 37-year-old man of French nationality, although of Moroccan origin, died after being shot with an AK-47 submachine gun.

According to the initial investigations, after a first burst of gunfire, the attackers finished the victim off with a short weapon. In total, he suffered more than 20 gunshot wounds.

The events took place around 9pm on Sunday at the Capanes del Golf luxury residential estate.

The victim, who rented one of the homes with his partner, arrived at the wheel of a luxury Bentley car.

Everything indicates that the attackers - it is believed that at least two men were involved - were in another car, possibly a utility vehicle. When the victim stopped his car, the gunmen fired a barrage of shots with the submachine gun. At least fifteen empty 7.62 calibre rounds of ammunition were found at the scene of the murder.

The driver of the Bentley received several gunshot wounds from the AK-47 to the neck and hands which he possibly suffered in an attempt to protect himself from the attack.

Based on the injuries he received, apparently from two different weapons, everything indicates that one of the attackers fired several more shots with a short weapon.

The first Guardia Civil patrol that arrived on the scene confirmed the death of the victim but could not access the body due to the vehicle's door locking system.

When it was eventually recovered it was taken for a post-mortem in Malaga where the first part of the autopsy was carried out by means of an external examination of the body and the taking of samples for a Covid-19 test. If the result is negative, the autopsy will resume later.

Sources consulted indicate that the deceased has a police record from a few years ago that would link him to drug trafficking but it has yet to be fully confirmed by investigators.

The vehicle used by the attackers was located near a stream in Estepona, completely gutted by fire. Inside police found the Kalashnikov weapon that appears to have been used to commit the crime.