Environmentalists denounce paragliders over Maro cliffs in Nerja

Paragliders over Maro cliffs.
Paragliders over Maro cliffs. / SUR
  • GENA Ecologistas en Acción claims that prohibited activities are still happening in the protected area due to a lack of surveillance

Environmental group GENA Ecologistas en Acción has denounced paragliders that were filmed flying on Christmas Eve over the Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs, a protected beauty area on the eastern Costa del Sol.

The group claims that such activity is "clearly prohibited" within Maro-Cerro Gordo protection plan, under the section 'public use and tourist activities'. The environmentalists blame a lack of permanent surveillance for the problem.

The environmentalists also said that illegal fishing and hunting as well as an increase in leisure boats and jet skis entering the protected area, which contains a native species of coral, have all been happening because people "know there is no surveillance so won't get caught".

All such activities are banned under the protection plan.