'Relaxed measures' at bar generate more than 100 Covid-19 cases in three days

The streets of Teba during the first mass screening. File photograph.
The streets of Teba during the first mass screening. File photograph. / ANDREA JIMÉNEZ
  • It is claimed the bar in Teba, in Malaga province, had been closed since March but opened over Christmas with 'relaxed' virus control measures

More than 100 positive coronavirus cases have been recorded over the festive period in the town of Teba after it was claimed a bar relaxed the virus control measures put in place by Andalucía's regional government.

It is claimed that the bar had been closed during the pandemic since March but opened on 24, 25 and 26 December but did not comply with capacity and social distancing regulations.

In the latest outbreak more than 100 infected cases have been recorded in the town - and the mayor admits that 95 per cent of those who have tested positive had been to the bar at some point over the three days.

Now the bar is closed again because the owners and staff are also infected.

“Unfortunately in the next few days the number of cases will continue to grow. There are many people still awaiting diagnostic tests," says Cristóbal Corral.

"Without wanting to point the finger atanyone, there are things that have not been done well. We have to account for what has happened because we are not at all proud," adds the councillor.

Over the three days of Christmas there were no complaints or reports against the premises. "It so happened that all the members of the local police patrol who were on duty those days were on sick leave," said Corral.

He says that he feels "hurt" about the outbreak and, in addition to being worried about the threat posed by the disease again, he is concerned “because of the bad image the outbreak can create on the hospitality businesses of the town, who have complied with all security measures.

In October a mass screening in the town was carried out when it had an incidence that exceeded 2,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. But it had been clear of cases since November.

“Teba was very affected by the virus from the first minute of the pandemic. We were very seriously affected in the first wave, also in the second and now, in this third wave or whatever we want to call it, we are at levels that we have not known to date. We have not been up to par," Corral admitted.