New Year's Eve in Andalucía: What time does the curfew start?

Christmas crowds in Malaga. File photograph.
Christmas crowds in Malaga. File photograph. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The evening movement restrictions are being relaxed on December 31, as happened on Christmas Eve

New Year's Eve in Andalucía is one of the key dates on the holiday calendar and this year it is also one of the important moments to help prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

The current measures and restrictions to fight the pandemic will remain in force until at least 10 January but the regional government announced that the regulations would be eased on New Year’s Eve.

New Year's Eve in Andalucía: What time does the curfew start?

The curfew is currently set between 11pm and 6am but specifically on the night of 31 December, the time slot in which the movement of people is limited begins at 1.30am allowing people time to mark the New Year's Eve celebration before returning home.

As for the meetings, up to ten people can get together on New Year's Eve in homes (with the recommendation that they do not mix more than two household groups) while the number of diners per table in a restaurant continues to be six.

Once the New Year's Eve celebration is over the curfew will return between 11pm and 6am the next day.

The only exceptions are “if it is to assist and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or ‘especially vulnerable’ people.”

Although there was the possibility of increasing the restrictions for New Year's Eve, as other communities have done, Andalucía did not consider it appropriate.

After listening to the committee of experts this week, the Junta de Andalucía chose to extend the current measures for the next few days.

On 4 January 4 there will be a new meeting of experts to study the possible change of measures.

Since 23 December the entry and exit of people from Andalucía has been authorised “for displacements to territories that are the place of habitual residence of relatives or close friends of those who move, only motivated to make the regrouping effective family on the appointed days of Christmas.”

And free mobility between the eight Andalusian provinces is still allowed, after it was authorised from 18 December.