British man arrested for ramming police car with a van in Algarrobo had just left court after stealing a car

The Guardia Civil vehicle after it was allegedly rammed by the British man.
The Guardia Civil vehicle after it was allegedly rammed by the British man. / SUR
  • The judge had provisionally released the 28-year-old after he was arrested for the theft of a motor vehicle and driving without a licence

A police investigation has revealed new information about the driver of a van who left five Guardia Civil officers injured – one seriously - after a stolen vehicle chase that ended near Algarrobo.

The man has been named by authorities as Benjamin MM, a 28-year-old British man, who had just been released from court on a provisional basis after appearing regarding the theft of another car.

The young man had been arrested for stealing a vehicle in the same area of the province of Granada in which, on Tuesday, he stole the van. He was charged also charged with driving without a licence.

Sources say just a few hours after being released by the judge he stole another vehicle, this time a van in the Motril beach area while the diver was delivering a package to a business.

A police pursuit followed and it is alleged that British man rammed a Guardia Civil vehicle that tried to stop him getting away.

Three officers were injured in the smash.

One, a 40-year-old, was rushed to the Regional Hospital of Malaga where he remains in the intensive care unit with a severe head injury. His condition is described as "stable".

Two further officers also suffered minor injuries when the suspect allegedly tried to resist arrest after attempting to flee the scene.