Police smash 'rip deal' gang in Malaga and seize 200,000 euros in counterfeit cash

Police officers recover the fake money.
Police officers recover the fake money. / CNP
  • National Police officers arrest four members of the gang caught using high-quality forged banknotes to buy high-end goods

Posing as rich people, with high purchasing power, an alleged organised crime gang has been smashed by National Police officers in Malaga.

The buying expensive goods for fake cash investigation began as a result of information received which pointed to the proliferation on the Costa del Sol of crimes perpetrated through the 'rip deal' or ‘dirty deal’ method.

After a stake out police recovered 11,000 euros in legal tender, 200,000 euros in counterfeit bank notes, six mobile phones, a money counting machine and a car in Operation 'Carmiña'.

These acts are committed by organisations that are “perfectly structured, well prepared and qualified, where there is a clear distribution of functions among their members - locating and attracting victims, surveillance, money transport, car rental” said a statement from the National Police.

Based on this information, the investigators found out that the gang was going to carry out a possible transaction in a co-working centre and they sat in wait.

The police managed to abort the 170,000 euro fraudulent transaction and arrested four men of Italian nationality.