Health service hopes to have 35,000 people vaccinated across Malaga by the end of January

David Moreno holding online training in Malaga on Tuesday.
David Moreno holding online training in Malaga on Tuesday. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The first training of health professionals who will administer the Pfizer Covid-19 jabs started in Malaga's Hospital Regional this week

The Andalusian regional government said this week that they hoped 35,000 people in Malaga province would receive their first injections of the Covid vaccine by the end of January.

Training of professionals who will administer the vaccines in the province has already started and the first injections should be given by the end of December, officials said.

The first batches of vaccines against coronavirus will arrive in the region at two huge distribution centres in the provinces of Seville and Granada.

These depots are equipped with deepfreeze facilities that allow the Pfizer vaccine to be stored at temperatures as low as -80 degrees Celsius.

From there the logistics of distribution will be the responsibility of the Bidafarma pharmacy cooperative and they will deal, free of charge, with onward distribution to health centres.

The Junta's Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, said that Andalucía has already made a centralised purchase of 25 million special syringes for the vaccinations and added that 500 nurses are to take part in the training programme to administer the doses.

Junta officials have also held meetings with police authorities who will collaborate in security tasks when the vaccines start to arrive.

The first doses will be administered to the priority groups, which include the elderly in care homes and health personnel.

Junta spokesman Elías Bendodo said, "Andalucía is ready."

Malaga province's plans

Local health centres will distribute and administer the vaccines, including those destined to care home residents, who will be the first among the 35,000 Malaga area people expected to be injected in January.

The EU's medicines regulator (EMA) is not due to give approval finally until 21 December. This date has been brought forward from 29 December.

In the meantime a training course started online this week at Malaga city's Hospital Regional to ensure staff are ready, carried out by David Moreno, head of the Andalucía regional vaccination plan.

Despite the optimism that a start can be made in late December, no firm date for beginning the programme has been given yet.