Dog found in bag of rubble in Malaga now seeking new permanent home

Inma Laure with Ulysses.
Inma Laure with Ulysses. / SUR
  • The story of Ulysses went viral in June but now he has been returned to health it is time to find him a new family

News of the event spread quickly around Spain at the beginning of June. A resident of the Puertosol neighbourhood on the outskirts of Malaga city heard some disturbing noises coming from a container full of garden waste as he was walking past.

When he got closer, he noticed a sack of rubble, closed tightly with rope. When he slit it open, a dog immediately poked his nose out to breathe. Inside was a seven- or eight-month-old Spanish Mastiff puppy, dying.

Local Police specialists took him out and contacted the Protectora animal shelter, which took care of him and admitted him to a veterinary hospital.

Thus began the story of the salvation of Ulysses, who not only managed to survive, but six months later has become a great dog, just over a year old and about 40 kilos of nobility and kindness.

Back to good health

Since he left the vets, where they managed to bring him back to health and stabilise him through the use of transfusions, medication and special food, he has been staying in Mijas with Inma Laure, a volunteer who is part of the network that the NGO calls upon for animals that are in a particularly vulnerable situation.

However, the time has now come to find Ulysses his new, permanent family and the Protectora has made an appeal on social media to find the best adoptive 'parents'.

"It's not good for the dog to stay in a home where he cannot be kept. We must find a family to take care of him in the long term," said the organisation's president, Carmen Manzano.

After the ordeal he has been through, he still has some psychological issues, which make him afraid, although he is not aggressive.

Anyone interested in meeting 'Uli' is invited to email the animal charity