Spitting DJ cost the Costa del Sol 711,000 euros in tourist revenue

The story of the DJ spitting alcohol onto partygoers in Los Álamos was covered by more than 60 digital media outlets.
The story of the DJ spitting alcohol onto partygoers in Los Álamos was covered by more than 60 digital media outlets. / SUR
  • A new campaign by Turismo Costa del Sol is calling for responsible individual behaviour, explaining that negative coronavirus headlines have had a direct impact on the industry

Turismo Costa del Sol this week launched a pioneering multi-platform advertising campaign to show that irresponsible individual behaviour during the pandemic is taking its toll on the reputation of the destination.

One specific case of the infamous DJ seen spitting alcohol onto crowds in Torremolinos has cost the area 711,000 euros, according to the data, they say. During the first ten days of August, this news item was covered by more than 60 digital media outlets, including international ones, and it is estimated that more than 191.3 million impressions were obtained.

Based on the volume of negative interactions with the news on social media alone, Turismo Costa del Sol estimates that it had a direct impact on 1,057 potential tourists for the destination (and therefore the loss of 7,297 overnight stays). On average, these visitors would have spent 260.59 euros in advance before a daily expenditure per person of 307.33 euros. This amounts to more than 600,000 euros, rising to 711,678 euros when considering the total impact on production. "It is not so much the loss of income but the need to be aware of the consequences that these acts have on tourism and the Costa del Sol brand", said the tourist board's chief Francisco Salado.

Another incident highlighted was the recent 'influencers' party which had to be broken up in a luxury villa in Marbella.

"We depend on you"

Under the slogan "Be responsible. Our province depends on you", the campaign aims to highlight the impact individual behaviour is having on the Costa del Sol as a tourist destination and the 117,000 families and 16,000 companies depend on the industry.

The campaign, which show images far removed from the unique landscapes and tourists having fun, warns that all the irresponsible behaviour (as seen in the news) not only leads to an increase in contagion and hospital admissions, but also to the closure of hotels and businesses and therefore a loss of jobs.

The advert, which is first being broadcast on social media, makes it clear that the reputation of an area is in the hands of every individual.

"It's a campaign like no other," said Salado. "We have to remind people of the importance of tourism and the simple fact that everyone is an ambassador for the area."

Salado also called for further support from the central government to sustain an industry "in which we are world leaders", pointing out that its demise is linked to so many other sectors, including agriculture.