Bendodo, at the meeting organised by SUR this week.
Junta to fast-track three major tourist projects in Marbella worth 411 million euros

Junta to fast-track three major tourist projects in Marbella worth 411 million euros

The schemes will generate wealth and create jobs and will help to consolidate the town as a leading destination for high-quality tourism

Héctor Barbotta

Tuesday, 1 December 2020, 15:43


On Tuesday the Junta de Andalucía will approve a move to fast-track three major tourist projects in Marbella, under a special scheme to speed up and facilitate bureaucratic processes for viable projects which are considered to be of strategic interest for the region.

The three projects in question are the luxurious Las Dunas Club, which will be run by the W chain, the Siete Revueltas Resort hotel complex, which is also on the east side of Marbella, and a complex to the north of Puerto Banús which will include an exhibition centre. The three projects, which include five-star hotels, will cost 411 million euros.

Elías Bendodo, the Junta de Andalucía government representative, made this announcement in Marbella this week, at a virtual meeting organised by SUR with the collaboration of Sando and Sierra Blanca Estates, which was moderated by the director of SUR, Manuel Castillo. It took place at the Puente Romano hotel

Bendodo explained that this fast-track scheme, which was set up in March, is run by 20 project managers who supervise progress on the works and also act as a link with the investors. They are all highly qualified, speak several languages and are directly answerable to the Andalusian government.

The scheme can be applied to projects which are expected to generate wealth for Andalucía, and the aim is to complete all the necessary bureaucratic processes as easily as possible. In the case of these three tourist projects, all have been found to meet the requirements.

The luxury resort Las Dunas Club is the most advanced of the three projects. It is expected to cost 200 million euros and will create approximately 300 jobs during the construction phase and a further 180 when it is open.

The Siete Revueltas project, for which Marbella town hall has already approved the first planning processes, will cost 77 million euros and create 448 jobs; and the complex to the north of Puerto Banús, costing 134 million euros, will create 745 jobs.

In all three cases, the plans include five star hotels, and as Marbella already has eight establishments of this quality, it will consolidate its leading position as a destination for high quality tourism.

These projects will also bring more major hotel names to Spain.

Bendodo stressed that people who are keen to invest in Andalucía need a fast response from the authorities, and if they meet the requirements then they deserve to be supported and fast-tracked "because this not only provides legal security for them but will also attract more projects which will bring wealth and employment to our region. We want Andalucía to be a type of motorway for investors," he said.

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