Jury finds mother guilty of leaving 17-month-old baby alone to die in Malaga

The first day of the trial.
The first day of the trial. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The prosecution concluded that the mother, who had an "intense social life", knew that her neglect would result in death

The mother of 17-month-old Camelia, the baby left at home to die in Malaga city in October 2018, was unanimously found guilty by a jury on Thursday of one crime of homicide and another of temporary abandonment of a minor.

During the trial, which has been taking place this week, the prosecution reduced its requested sentence from 21 years to 15 after the accused accepted responsibility for her child's death and showed remorse.

The prosecution concluded that in leaving her baby at home, in a locked room with the windows and blinds shut with just a bottle and some biscuits, that the accused knew that what she was doing would result in death.

According to friends, the mother had an "intense social life" and worked at nightclubs.