Traffic is flowing normally again on the AP-7 in Benalmádena.
The AP-7 in Benalmádena back to normal again with works progressing at the Arroyo exit

The AP-7 in Benalmádena back to normal again with works progressing at the Arroyo exit

The project to widen and improve the Arroyo de la Miel link road from the motorway is now over 80 per cent complete and it should be finished by next summer


Friday, 20 November 2020, 12:06


Traffic flow on the AP-7 in Benalmádena is back to normal now, thanks to progress in works being carried out to the link road at Arroyo de la Miel. This is an especially busy and toll-free stretch of the motorway, so the lifting of the restrictions means vehicles are able to move more quickly and safely. The works, for which the Ministry of Transport is responsible, are now over 80 per cent complete, and are expected to be finished before summer 2021.

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, and Malaga MP Miguel Ángel Heredia, recently visited the site, which Navas explained had reached this final stage in record time.

This has been a notorious black spot for traffic jams which "strangulated our progress as a tourist town. It is essential to have a proper access road for the thousands of visitors who come here and for local people who travel to other towns to work", said Navas.

The long queues of vehicles which traditionally end up waiting on the hard shoulder are also a safety risk. Fortunately, the works did not involve closing off this stretch of road or the exits completely. "The works were scheduled to finish in October, but the pandemic has delayed everything by six months," said Heredia, who pointed out that in 2015, under the previous PP government, the works had been "completely paralysed".

"Cruising speed"

He added that the works are progressing "at cruising speed" and are entering their final phase. "The sum of 8,400,375.40 euros has been signed off from the total budget now, and that is very important because it demonstrates progress," he said.

The works affect an access road which is used by over 15,000 vehicles a day. "Without it, the future of Benalmádena was restricted. It has a population of about 70,000, which in the summer usually increases to 200,000," Heredia explained.

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