‘Haute’ cuisine for Debra from top chef

Dani GArcía at the top of La Concha.
Dani GArcía at the top of La Concha. / SUR
  • Marbella’s Dani García cooked at the top of La Concha mountain on Thursday to raise awareness for the butterfly children charity

Top local chef Dani García climbed Marbella’s famous La Concha mountain this Thursday to cook up a dish with unrivalled views over the Costa del Sol.

His climb was to raise awareness for the Debra association, which helps suffers of Epidermolisis bullosa, better known as butterfly skin disease, and their families.

The rare genetic condition, which is currently incurable, leads to extreme fragility of the skin, comparable to a butterfly’s wing. It current affects an estimated 500 people in Spain.

García’s challenge was to reach the top of La Concha, at 1,215 metres above sea level, and to prepare a dish when he got there.

He set off from Marbella fire station on Thursday morning at 9am, accompanied by several members of the local fire brigade, regular supporters of the charity.

‘Haute’ cuisine for Debra from top chef

After the three-hour climb the group reached the summit where Dani prepared avocado filled with tuna and caviar.

“This is the time to give back to society everything that it has given us,” was how the chef explained his reasons for embarking on the unusual initiative.

Debra is currently going through a delicate situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic and García, whose former restaurant in Marbella gained three Michelin stars, was keen to take on the challenge to raise awareness of the association and butterfly skin patients.

This is not the first time that Debra has reached the summit of La Concha. In 2016, also with the support of the Marbella fire brigade, a bench was carried up and installed at the peak for use by future climbers.

This week that same bench served Dani García as a table to prepare lunch for his companions.

On the trip he was accompanied by members of Debra as well as the golfer Noemí Jiménez and the firefighters.