New coronavirus outbreak detected in Malaga with six hospital workers infected

New coronavirus outbreak detected in Malaga with six hospital workers infected
  • The city’s Hospital Regional has tested nearly a hundred health workers after two professionals were apparently infected by a patient

A new localised outbreak of Covid-19 has been reported at Malaga’s Hospital Regional (formerly Carlos Haya) where six cases have been identified among members of staff.

The positive results emerged when nearly a hundred health workers in the digestive surgery department.

Sources consulted by SUR explained that the origin of the outbreak could be an infection detected in a transplant patient passed on by a relative. This is thought to have resulted in two workers falling ill with Covid-19. One of them spent several days in hospital with pneumonia, but was discharged last week.

“There are no professionals admitted to hospital and the care [of patients] has not been affected,” said hospital sources, although they admitted that the resulting screening had given six positive PCR results out of a total of 89 tests. The outbreak in the digestive surgery unit has now been controlled.

Three weeks ago, two outbreaks in the same hospital led to more than 250 professionals being tested. Those cases were detected in the intensive care unit and the infection ward.

When a case of this kind appears the workers are isolated until they receive test results, and further testing is carried out to detect possible new cases among close contacts and colleagues in order to find asymptomatic carriers of the virus. This is especially important as these contacts have no outward signs of the illness, such as a fever or a cough, but can infect others. Their prompt localisation is fundamental to control the spread of the virus.