Family of missing Caleta fisherman appeal to public for funds to recover body

Protesters ask the authorities to find El Maimouni's body.
Protesters ask the authorities to find El Maimouni's body. / E. C.
  • An Almeria-based company has said they have specialist equipment that can find Mohammed El Maimouni who disappeared in July, but the operation will cost 105,127 euros

The family of the fisherman whose body has not been found since he went missing out at sea in July are hoping to raise funds for a private company to carry out the recovery operation.

They are hoping to raise the 105,127 euros needed to pay Almeria-based Azul y Verde, a company that has specialist equipment that they say can be used to find Mohammed El Maimouni's body. The company had originally given the family a quote of 350,000 euros, but according to El Maimouni's eldest daughter, Fatima, 24, they reduced the price given the circumstances.

El Maimouni, 54, was the only crew member from Caleta de Vélez port who was not saved when their boat sank while fishing. Since then the family and supporters have been asking the government to recover the body.

However, according to Fatima, the family has been told by a central government representative in Malaga that a rescue operation would be "very complex."

Fatima said earlier this week that the family has been "abandoned" by the authorities and that they believe "a Moor at the bottom of the sea isn't newsworthy".

She gave examples of other people whose bodies have been rescued using public funds in the past.

In the summer a petition with 6,500 signatures was handed in to the authorities and a series of protests have been held by the family, friends and colleagues of Mohammed since the accident.

Account details have been published and are linked to the rescue company "so people don't think the money is for us", Fatima explained.