Bar and restaurant owners march in Malaga over new restrictions

The demonstrators reach the end of Calle Larios in Malaga.
The demonstrators reach the end of Calle Larios in Malaga. / Salvador Salas
  • Hours after the Malaga protest, the regional president announced a 660-million-euro aid package for small and medium-sized firms

Around a thousand people from the bar and restaurant trade took part in a noisy protest in the centre of Malaga on Thursday morning. The demonstration started in front of the local offices of the Junta de Andalucía regional government. Protesters were complaining at the lack of help from the regional authorities. They claim that the new curfew and lockdown restrictions are “ruining” them.

At the head of the demonstration, that started as a quiet group but then became more noisy, were well-known figures from the hospitality sector including:president of local restaurateurs’ association Mahos, Javier Frutos; José Cobos, joint owner of El Pimpi; and Rafael Prado from Café Central. They were joined by owners of chiringuito beach bars and some of the local suppliers to the catering trade.

“They said that nobody would be left behind, but we have been. We feel unprotected and we have no help,” said Frutos.

There was a similar demonstration in Ronda on Thursday evening.

On Thursday afternoon, Juanma Moreno, the regional president, appeared to hear the protesters’ call and announced more financial aid.

He said that the Junta de Andalucía would set aside 660 million euros for a rescue plan for small and medium-sized firms in trouble because of Covid-19 restrictions.

He explained that it was aimed in part at the bar and restaurant sectors. The aid will be a mixture of grants, loans and tax breaks, he said.