What are the exemptions to the new night curfew in Spain?

A deserted Malaga city centre on the first night of the curfew.
A deserted Malaga city centre on the first night of the curfew. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The nationwide nighttime lockdown started on Sunday at 11pm and will be in force until at least 9 November

The nationwide curfew announced on Sunday with the declaration of a new state of alarm in Spain is now in force.

In a bid to to curb the spread of Covid-19, movement outside homes is no longer permitted between 11pm and 6am, except for in a few specific situations. The curfew applies to the whole of Spain, except for the Canary Islands.

Regional authorities have been given the option to vary the start and end times of the night curfew by one hour.

Bar and restaurant owners in Malaga have already called for the Junta de Andalucía to put back the curfew time to midnight.

The measure will be in force until 9 November.

According to the regulations published in the BOE (official state gazette) on Sunday evening, the general public can only go out during the seven hours of curfew for the following reasons:

a) To buy medication, health products and other essential goods.

b) To attend health centres, hospitals and other healthcare services.

c) To seek emergency veterinary attention.

d) To go to work and meet professional, business, insititutional or legal obligations.

e) To return home after carrying out any of the permitted activities.

f) To assist or care for the elderly, children, people with disabilities, or those especially vulnerable.

g) In the case of a situation of necessity or force majeure.

h) Any other activity of a similiar nature properly accredited.

i) To refuel in service stations when needed to carry out the aforementioned activities.

The BOE also stated that the corresponding authority can, additionally, prevent people entering and leaving specific areas within a region, with the same exceptions applying.