The project was officially launched by the mayor this week.
Work has begun on the new water deposit for Mijas Pueblo

Work has begun on the new water deposit for Mijas Pueblo

The works, which will cost over one million euros, are being financed through an extra charge on the municipal water bills, approved in 2018

Ivan Gelibter

Friday, 23 October 2020, 13:04

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Work to build the new water deposit in Mijas Pueblo - which has been made possible thanks to a special charge on municipal water bills for infrastructure projects - began this week.

The project is being carried out jointly by the council and the Acosol water company and it was officially launched by the mayor, Josele González, the councillor for Infrastructure and Public Works, José Carlos Martín, the General CEO of Acosol, Carlos Cañavate and Executive CEO Manuel Cardeña.

Mijas council is in charge of these works, which will cost around 1.3 million euros and should be completed in five months. This deposit will not only guarantee the water supply but also the pressure for it to reach people's homes, especially in the area around the village, and is something the council has been calling for in recent years. It will supply about 10,000 cubic metres of water to people's homes, and "thanks to team work it is closer than ever to becoming reality," said the mayor.

González stressed his appreciation for Acosol's collaboration since the new management took over, and the company's commitment to improving the infrastructure in Mijas, where several hydraulic improvements are planned. "Thanks to their positive attitude, we are going to get this finished as soon as possible so the people of Mijas can benefit from it," he said.

The council believes that in a few months it will be possible to talk about a 'before and after' in terms of water supply to Mijas Pueblo, said José Carlos Martín, as the traditional lack of water will be a thing of the past when all these projects have been completed. These will improve the quality of the service and they include a network of impulsion pipes up from Las Lagunas.

The project is being financed thanks to an agreement reached two years ago between Mijas council and the regional government's Environment and Land Organisation ministry, under which the local authority is permitted to apply an extra charge to carry out works of this type. This is a special tax applied within Andalucía for domestic water consumption, which is then used to finance any type of water-related infrastructure projects.

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