Cadiz provincial authority interested in extending the Senda Litoral beyond Manilva

Most recent progress has been made in Estepona and Manilva.
Most recent progress has been made in Estepona and Manilva. / Josele
  • The coastal pathway project is 80 per cent complete and the Malaga Diputación believes that its extension into the neighbouring province would be further proof of its "success"

The 180-kilometre Senda Litoral coastal pathway which connects the entirety of Malaga province could be about to get much longer. The Cadiz provincial authority (Diputación) has expressed its interest in extending the path beyond Manilva, having seen the attractiveness of being able to connect the whole coast with a combination of promenades, asphalt paths and above all wooden walkways.

As far as SUR can ascertain through sources at the Malaga provincial authority, in-depth meetings between the authorities have already taken place. When asked about this subject, the deputy chief of the Environment department (responsible for the management of the Senda), Cristóbal Ortega, said he was "optimistic" about this interest from the neighboring province.

"As well as continuing our work here to try to connect every part of the province, the extension through to Cadiz would multiply the success of the Senda Litoral," said Ortega, who pointed out that the number of visits to the Senda's website has doubled in recent weeks thanks to the opening of the wooden footbridge over the Guadalhorce estuary, the longest in Spain.


The extension of the existing project into Cadiz province would come with a number of complications. As for the point at which the corresponding projects would meet, the initial section of the Malaga path is more complex. This is the area between Punta Chullera, on the border with the province of Cadiz, and Playa Paraíso. This project has not yet been drawn up and presents certain difficulties as it is an area of cliffs.

The construction of two bridges to connect the 8.5 kilometres of Manilva coastline is also pending. However, barring these difficulties, in the province as a whole, the Senda Litoral already connects 80 per cent of the Costa del Sol on foot, although much more progress has been made on the western side than to the east, with there being much greater focus on the project by councils to the west, but also because of the more complicated terrain on the Axarquía coast.