Special police unit to be set up in Marbella to prevent squatting

Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz announced the plan.
Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz announced the plan. / Josele
  • Mayor Ángeles Muñoz said that while there was not currently a problem in the town, the council wanted to provide security to foreign owners of second homes

Marbella town hall is going to assemble a team composed mainly of Local Police officers in a bid to prevent the illegal occupation of homes, mayor Ángeles Muñoz announced on Tuesday.

While she acknowledged that squatting isn't currently a big problem in the town, it was important to be proactive to prevent it, above all to provide security for owners of second homes who are primarily foreigners.

The team, she said, will be made up of 30 officers from the Prevention Unit and the Administrative Police, who will work in collaboration with the Foreign Residents department to deal with queries, offer information and advice and facilitate the filing of complaints in their native language if necessary. It will also collaborate directly with the National Police, the force responsible for dealing with squatting cases.


Muñoz explained that the team would be in contact with neighbourhood associations, property administrators, promoters and estate agents and would work actively to gather information and search social media for groups or profiles publishing squatting "manuals".

The unit will also organise different informative campaigns in order raise awareness and help property owners to avoid becoming a victim of squatting. It will also draw up a map of vulnerable areas in the municipality so that surveillance can be stepped up.

"In short, it is once again a question of being ahead, living up to what is demanded of us and offering a quality service to our residents and visitors," she said.

The mayor concluded by insisting that security is a priority for the Marbella local government team.