Police locate submachine gun linked to Brits arrested over Estepona shooting

Police arrested the two individuals last Thursday.
Police arrested the two individuals last Thursday. / SUR
  • Five police officers were injured trying to arrest the two men, 27 and 30, who appear to have been extorting money from a third person

The weapon linked to a shooting in Estepona last Thursday has been located and identified by police as a submachine gun, according to SUR sources.

The National Police recovered the weapon, classified as a weapon of war, on Sunday, three days after the two British citizens were arrested in connection with the events.

Five officers were injured, none seriously, during the chase and subsequent arrest of the suspects, who rammed a police vehicle and resisted police officers who were trying to subdue them.


Progress has been made in the investigations into last week's events, according to sources. It appears that the two detainees, two British citizens aged 27 and 30, were extorting money from a third person by using a submachine gun.

No one was shot but the sound of bullets being fired resulted in several calls to the emergency services.

The National Police were deployed to the area and a patrol car located the two suspects in a vehicle, which then reversed into the unmarked police car, injuring two officers.

However, once the car was blocked, the two suspects resisted arrest and caused a massive commotion, with multiple witnesses at the scene, many of whom recorded events on their mobile phones.

Several police officers were eventually required to place them in handcuffs. The investigation continues.