Tivoli World among worst debtors to Spanish tax office

Tivoli World, in Benalmádena.
Tivoli World, in Benalmádena. / SUR
  • Former FC Barcelona star, Neymar, was the private individual who owed the most to Hacienda at the end of 2019: 34.6 million euros

The government has published its annual report of who owes it the most money in tax. Hacienda says that there were 3,930 people or companies that each owed it over one million euros at the end of 2019.

This was a 2.4 per cent fall on the previous year, although the total outstanding from this list was still an eye-watering 14.2 billion euros.

Some firms or individuals owed huge amounts. Nationally the worst debts were with collapsed property empires, many well-known to Costa residents. Reyal Urbis heads the list nationally, owing 345.5 million euros. Also in the top ten are long-gone Arenal 2000/2001 with 148.9m and Aifos on 98.9m.

Locally, there are 146 Malaga and Costa-based firms listed that owed a total of 695m euros. This is excluding private individuals.

Among the companies on the Costa that feature is the owner of Benalmádena theme park, Tivoli World. It owed 3.4 million at the start of the year to the taxman and is currently in the hands of administrators.

Public-private firms run by Marbella council are also part of the list, although this is attributed to ongoing discussions with central government over money owed the resort after fraud in the Jesús Gil era.


Neymar. / AFP

Among other local names with debts at the end of 2019 were: Isofotón (2.9 million); Euralex (5.7m); Novasoft (4.8m in total); Viajes Marbesol (4.2m); Niza Cars (4m); Oleoliva (2.6m) and electronic goods chain Bazar San Juan (1.6m).

Nationally it's Neymar

The private individual that owed the most nationally is Paris Saint-Germain star and ex-FC Barcelona player, Neymar. His debt to Hacienda was 34.6 million euros at the end of 2019.

Although dominated by construction companies in the top spaces, football clubs do also feature prominently. Unión Deportiva Salamanca owed 13.44m in tax; Real Murcia, 10.77m and Xerez Club Deportivo, 10.38m.

The former president of Real Madrid Lorenzo Sanz left the list of those owing one million or more this year after dying of coronavirus in March.

The government started publishing its annual 'name and shame' report in 2015.