Girl held in Malaga for hitting mum over internet ban

Local Police in a file photo.
Local Police in a file photo. / SUR
  • Police had to be called out to the home twice as the 15-year-old would not accept having the router turned off at midnight

Coronavirus has kept children away from peers and pushed them in front of screens, causing some to suffer from an overdose of them.

A 15-year-old has been arrested in Malaga city for hitting her mother for turning off her router.

Local Police were called over a heated argument between a woman and her daughter. Officers arrived and the mother answered the door, visibly shaken.

She said she had had a huge row with her daughter over her compulsive use of the internet. The addiction was such that she had imposed a midnight curfew on use of the small screen. The woman said that the teenage girl had objected and broken one of the bedroom doors in disgust before going out.

The girl returned to be calmed by officers, telling them that she couldn't be told what to do.

The police left only to be called again at 4.30am by the mother who said this time she had been physically assaulted. After forcing the girl out of her room, police arrested her.