'Community transmission' of Covid-19 is declared in Malaga province

'Community transmission' of Covid-19 is declared in Malaga province
/ Ñito Salas
  • New measures have been proposed and the province now is "under observation" from the Junta as infections are so widespread that cases can no longer be tracked to specific sources

The Junta de Andalucía regional government believes that the situation in Malaga province is no longer one of insolated outbreaks, but rather one of "community transmission", said Junta spokesman Elías Bendodo on Tuesday.

This means that prevalence of Covid-19 is now considered so widespread that infections can no longer be tracked to a specific source.

With a high incidence of positive cases and hospital admissions due to coronavirus, Bendodo has announced a series of recommendations to town halls in a bid to control the spread of the virus.

Bendodo is calling on town halls to limit events to those that are "strictly necessary" and is calling for a series of concerts scheduled for this coming weekend to be cancelled. He also hasn't ruled out other measures next week if the number of infections is not contained.

He said that Malaga is "under observation" this week because "we are very concerned" about the evolution of the pandemic in the province, with 222 Covid patients in hospital (up 32 on the previous day), 30 per cent of the regional total.

A further four people have died after contracting the virus, it was announced on Tuesday, taking the provincial total up to 307 - the highest in Andalucía.

As of Tuesday, thirty people remain in intensive care in hospitals in Malaga.

Bendodo admitted that the large number of tourists in the province could have played a role in this spike and that the Junta will be observing whether the decrease in visitors now will be reflected in the case numbers.