Green campaigners accused of spreading fake news by Nerja council

Supposed evidence of sewage water in the Chillar river.
Supposed evidence of sewage water in the Chillar river. / E. Cabezas
  • A councillor has hit back at the Ecologistas en Acción group after they reported the presence of sewage in the town's Chillar river

Environmentalist group GENA - Ecologistas en Acción has reported to both the Junta de Andalucía regional government and Nerja town hall what they claimed was the presence of raw sewage at the mouth of the Chillar river in Nerja.

They said that the sewage was located in an urban area, near to the El Chucho and Playazo beaches.

In a statement released last Friday, the Axarquía-based group stated that they had found "dark coloured water with a strong smell of sewage". The statement went on to say, "Without the need to run chemical or bacteriological tests, we can confirm that the water is contaminated."

GENA has previously reported the presence of sewage in the Chillar river and other waterways in Nerja.

Town hall reaction

Reacting to GENA's statement, Nerja's environment councillor, Javier Rodríguez, said he was "indignant" over the accusations. He went on to say, "I must ask them once again to stop poisoning public opinion and causing unnecessary alarm."

He called for the group to consult town hall information before "sharing fake news".

Rodríguez claimed that the water was in fact rainwater and not sewage. He said that it was dark in colour as it had been washed down the roads and been mixed with dust and dirt from the ground.