Landowner in Julen case fined additional 300,001 euros

David Serrano.
David Serrano. / SUR
  • David Serrano, who pleaded guilty to manslaugher through negligence, has also now been sanctioned for serious mining infractions

The Junta de Andalucía regional government on Tuesday approved a fine of 300,001 euros for David Serrano for serious mining infractions.

Serrano is the owner of the Totalán land where toddler Julen Roselló died in January 2019 after falling down a borehole.

This comes seven months after the end of the trial into the death of the boy, in which the accused pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter through negligence.

The fine given out to Serrano this week is in addition to the 663,982.45 euros to cover the cost of the two-week rescue operation to retrieve the boy's body, as well as compensation of 89,529.67 euros to each of Julen's parents.

Officials also proposed a lesser penalty, of 30,001 euros, for the company which carried out the drilling for Serrano. That amount was also due to be ratified by the regional Cabinet this week.