Torremolinos council repeats promise to renovate the La Cañada de los Cardos area

The area's streets are in need of  decent infrastructure.
The area's streets are in need of decent infrastructure. / T. B:
  • The redevelopment project will include the installation of street lighting, parking facilities and green spaces

Mayor of Torremolinos José Ortiz and councillor for Infrastructure Maribel Baeza held a meeting with the residents of La Cañada de los Cardos and Las Velas last week to reiterate the council's promise to initiate the long-awaited redevelopment of the area.

The project, which will cost around eight-million euros, focuses on sewerage and drainage, new pavements and walkways, the installation of street lighting and fibre optics, as well as adequate parking facilities. The renovation scheme was included in the town hall's 2020 budget, but it was put on hold during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Residents have been spearheading a campaign to have the area, close to the main road into the town from Malaga, tidied up for many years. They claim that the district is especially dangerous for pedestrians and children because of the lack of pavements and street lighting.

One resident said that the town hall had been promising to undertake the work for many years, but as of yet, nothing had been done. "It's like we have just been ignored," she said.

The work, which the town hall promised would start at the beginning of 2021, will also include the installation of green areas and spaces for leisure activities.

"We have been the only council team in the last 30 years to commit to a firm redevelopment plan. This is an ambitious project that will put an end to a problem that neighbours have been reporting for many years," Baeza said.