Marbella and Nerja close beaches at night to avoid crowds and parties

Packing up on El Cable beach this week in Marbella.
Packing up on El Cable beach this week in Marbella. / Josele
  • Marbella has prohibited access to beaches from 9.30pm and Nerja from midnight to 6am

Some Costa town halls have decided to close their beaches at night to prevent large gatherings, especially of young people, where there is a higher risk of Covid-19 infection.

Marbella announced on Monday that it would go one step further than the restrictions on nightlife introduced by the Junta de Andalucía, prohibiting access to beaches across the municipality from 9.30pm. Those already on the sand at that time are given a half-hour grace period to pack up until 10pm.

The aim, said Security councillor José Eduardo Díaz, is to prevent the beaches becoming an alternative late-night party venue now that nightclubs can no longer open and bar hours have been shortened.

There are certain areas, he added, that have been regularly used by large groups gathering for parties and to drink alcohol.

Bathers are allowed back on the sand from 7am, although the councillor said the Local Police would be "reasonable" when enforcing the new regulation, which does not apply to anglers or those walking or practising sport, as long as this does not involve groups of people.

The council has asked members of the public to report groups on beaches outside permitted hours.


Later this week Nerja town hall followed suit and banned access to its beaches between midnight and 6am. As in Marbella, councillors stressed the need to reduce the risk of infection, especially among groups of young people.

The council appealed to the responsibility of locals and tourists to avoid crowds, and especially encouraged parents of minors to make sure they comply with regulations.