Beaches in Marbella to close at 9.30pm in bid to avoid large gatherings

Venus beach, Marbella.
Venus beach, Marbella. / JOSELE
  • According to the new rules announced on Monday, beach parties and barbecues will be totally prohibited and access will reopen at 7am, with a special exception for anglers

Marbella town hall has decided to go one step further than the restrictions introduced on Monday by the Junta de Andalucía to avoid large gatherings of people and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

On top of the closure of nightclubs and late night bars, the ban on smoking and early closing times for cafeterias and restaurants, the local council has decided to close the beaches in the municipality at 9.30pm.

A half-hour grace period will be given to allow people to pack up, but from 10pm no one will be allowed onto the beaches.

From Tuesday beach opening hours will be 7am to 9.30pm.

According to the new rules announced on Monday beach parties and barbecues will be totally prohibited.

The Local Police quad bike unit will be responsible for enforcing the new rules. One exception to the 7am opening rule will be for anglers, who can access the beach earlier. They must, however be able to show a valid fishing licence when required.

Council spokesperson, Félix Romero, said on Monday that the measure has been adopted by the town hall off its own bat, as it is not included in other orders.

"People often get together in large groups on the beaches and so we understand that there could be social gatherings that pose a risk. At nighttime, when alcohol is consumed, safety precautions and self-protection measures are relaxed. Beach parties form part of our culture and tradition and we understand there is a real risk which is greater at night than during the day," said the councillor.

He said that the measures "are aimed at ensuring that the situation does not get out of control; we must not lose our sense of the danger of the pandemic."


With regard to the Junta's orders to close nightspots, Romero said that this applies to nightclubs, bars [that only serve drinks] or those with dance floors.

Restaurants, cafeterias and bars serving food can open until 1am. Romero added that establishments with a special hostelry licence, such as those in the Puerto Deportivo, which have a dance floors inside and an outdoor terrace, can open their outdoor area where they servce food, as long as the owners sign a 'declaración responsable' (statement of responsibility) provided.

Romero made specific reference to establishments such as Olivia Valère, which will be able to open their restaurants until 1am, but not the nightclub area.

As far as the Starlite festival is concerned, Romero confirmed that it depends on the Junta de Andalucía, but that its anti-Covid protocol is "very strict", it complies with regulations "but what is clear is that its opening hours are limited until 1am".