Rubén Segura and Óliver Gómez outside police HQ in Malaga.
Police officers in Malaga help to revive a month-old baby: "There was no time to lose"

Police officers in Malaga help to revive a month-old baby: "There was no time to lose"

We caught up with Rubén and Óliver who were on the way to an incident at a bar when a local called over to them for help


Monday, 17 August 2020, 16:39


They were driving along the road parallel to the seafront in the Pedregalejo district of Malaga close to 2am last Monday when they were called out to a bar where a customer was trying to leave without paying. But as they passed by an outside terrace a man beckoned them by chance for a totally different reason.

Rubén Segura and Óliver Gómez are specialist officers with the National Police who this week were covering for colleagues on the beat.

"The man who stopped us said that a woman had come out of a house with a baby in her arms asking for help," they told SUR outside their HQ in Malaga.

"We saw a baby a little over a month old completely still, and not responding," explained Rubén. "The mother said that the baby hadn't been breathing for a while, and it was turning purple."

Their combined total experience of over 30 years immediately came into play. "The situation was critical; four or five minutes can make all the difference with a baby," said Rubén. Óliver had taken over from the father and was giving the child a cardiac massage while Rubén checked an ambulance was on its way. The baby soon started to breathe again.

"The parents started to thank us, they wanted to hug us."

The officers went back to their regular patrol and a busy night.

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