Friday's figures count 113 new Covid-19 cases in Malaga and nine more patients in hospital

Malaga's Hospital Regional.
Malaga's Hospital Regional. / SUR
  • Andalucía announced 433 new cases confirmed by PCR lab tests, the greatest increase since 4 April

Malaga province announced more than 100 new daily cases of Covid-19 - 113 - for the second consecutive 24-hour period on Friday.

This is the highest increase recorded in the province since the height of the coronavirus lockdown, back in April.

The situation is similar in Andalucía as a whole where 433 new cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed by PCR test in the 24 hours up to Friday, the highest number since 4 April.

Nine more people had been admitted to hospital, according to Friday's figures. No deaths were reported.

In the rest of Andalucía, Almeria was the province with the most new cases - 128 - reported in 24 hours up to Friday. The regional Health Ministry counted 49 new postivies in Cadiz and Seville, 14 in Cordoba, 21 in Jaén and 11 in Huelva.