Dutch tourist, 32, dies in jet ski accident in Torremolinos

La Carihuela beach.
La Carihuela beach. / SUR
  • The victim suffered serious head injuries after he lost control and hit the back of the jet ski as he fell

A 32-year-old Dutch man has died in a jet ski accident off La Carihuela beach in Torremolinos..

The accident occurred soon after 5pm on Wednesday when the emergency services received several calls reporting that the man was not breathing and had no pulse.

Police and ambulance services were sent to the seen, but after attempts to revive the man, doctors could only certify his death.

According to sources, several people witnessed the accident. Apparently the young man lost control of the jet ski and was thrown for several metres, hitting the back of the jet ski as he fell. The Yamaha vehicle had been rented from a firm that also offers nautical training.

The victim was on holiday in Torremolinos with a friend who, according to the same sources, was riding another jet ski rented from the same firm at the time. He was the first to realise the gravity of the accident and tried to lift his friend onto his vehicle when he did not respond.

Almost immediately the firm sent out a Zodiac launch to pick up the man.

At the shore, attempts were made to revive the victim with CPR for ten minutes until the ambulance arrived and paramedics took over for another 30 minutes, without success.

SUR has learned that the young man suffered severe head injuries in the accident and showed no signs of drowning, despite being unconscious in the water.

He was due to return to Holland on Monday.

Second accident

The emergency services confirmed that also on Wednesday - at 2pm -another accident occurred involving a jet ski from the same firm.

In this case, a 15-year-old suffered facial injuries, losing several teeth.

He was treated by ambulance services at the scene and taken to the Hospital Regional in Malaga.