Police called as 150 extra people pile in to concert at Olivia Valère nightclub

Police had to clear the crowds to restore the capacity limit.
Police had to clear the crowds to restore the capacity limit. / SUR
  • Some 350 tickets were sold for a Soolking gig but security couldn't stop other revellers from finding a way in

Police had to intervene after crowds at a concert being hosted at the Olivia Valère nightclub in Marbella breached capacity regulations on 9 July.

The club had sold 350 tickets, in accordance with safety protocols for crowd controls, for the show by Algerian artist Soolking, the biggest event to be hosted there since it reopened.

However, things started to get out of hand when crowds of people started to gather outside the venue. The 30 private security guards hired for the event were unable to control the unexpected crowds and many started sneaking into the venue through different doors.

According to Olivia Valère herself, it was customers with tickets who began to open the various emergency exits to sneak in their friends. As many as 150 extra people are believed to have entered.

Soolking, a singer, DJ, dancer and rapper had planned to start his performance at 3am but by 3.30am the premises were full. It was then that the Local Police attended the scene and began to clear the area to the dismay of the audience. Many of those who had snuck in refused to leave.

At around four in the morning, the initial capacity of 350 people was restored and the concert, which had been scheduled before the state of alarm was decreed, went ahead.

Olivia Valère said that "after three months of confinement, young people need to get out and have fun, but there are some who are a little wild and crazy".

The businesswoman has warned that the nightlife sector is facing a difficult period with these capacity limitation measures in place and which she believes will be made more severe by the new requirement to wear a mask.

The Olivia Valère nightclub has adapted by limiting its capacity, removing the dance floor and each table is now equipped with hydroalcoholic gel.