Face masks are now compulsory in all public spaces in Andalucía, even when walking on the beach

Face masks are now compulsory in all public spaces in Andalucía, even when walking on the beach
  • Fines of 100 euros will be issued for failing to wear a mask; exceptions to the rule are limited

The Andalusian government has approved its ruling announced at the weekend to make the use of face masks mandatory in all indoor and outdoor public spaces around the southern Spanish region, even when social distancing is possible.

The rule applies even to beaches and swimming pools and puts the penalty for not complying at a fine of 100 euros.

Junta de Andalucía spokesman, Elías Bendodo, explained on Tuesday that all residents and visitors will have to get used to wearing masks "everywhere and at all times" from Wednesday.

The exceptions to the measure are limited. In the case of beaches and pools, these include when people are sunbathing or sitting on the sand in the space occupied by their own towels, sun umbrellas, etc. as long as a distance of one and a half metres is left between one group and another, as well as when swimming, when the same distancing rule applies.

The rule will not apply to people practising individual sports in the open air, or any other activity where the use of masks would be counterproductive. Thos practising sport in groups will not have to wear a mask if distance is kept, in the case, for example, of cyclists.

Children under the age of six are also excluded from the obligation, as well as people with an illness or condition that could be aggravated by wearing a mask, as well as those with a disability or dependence that means they cannot remove their own masks. Force majeure and necessity are also included in the list of exceptions

Regional Health Minister, Jesús Aguirre, called for people to get into the habit of always wearing a mask as soon as possible, saying that the security forces, epecially the Local Police, were being urged to enforce the law.

In restaurants and on terraces, masks do not have to be worn when eating and drinking and when seated.

The order published on Tuesday also recommends the use of masks in private indoor and outdoor spaces when there are gatherings of people who do not normally live together, even though social distancing is possible.

In a Tweet on Tuesday, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, called for "maximum collaboration".

Another measure approved on Tuesday by the Junta was to reduce the number of people allowed at funeral wakes, from 60 to 25 outdoors and from 30 to 10 indoors.